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Develop Power with Technique, Learn effective Defensive Skills, Learn a range of Power Strikes, Develop Core Strength & Conditioning

Chinese Boxing is an umbrella term that refers to martial arts created in China. Wise Force focuses on two forms called Chou Jing (Wise Force) and Shi Zhan (Combat).

Wise Force - Chou Jing 怀 斯 队


The simplest and effective way to defend an attack

Blocking a kickDeveloping efficient defensive skills. Techniques like blocking, parries, grappling, foot work, joint locks etc, are practiced. Advanced training involves multiple attackers and weapons.


ghost fightingImproves fitness
Improves core body strength
Helps to develop steady breathing techniques under physical stress

Training Sessions

Treshold Wise Force training sessions involve stretching, warm-up drills, defensive drills, pad work, footwork drills, fitness work, core strength work and techniques to develop striking and kicking power.

Shi Zhan – (Combat) 战 斗


The Combat element speaks for itself. Training revolves around developing power and the mental focus to immobilize an attacker. This includes punching, striking, kicking and kneeing.


Multiple attackersThe aim is to develop real world defensive and combat skills to protect oneself against aggressive multiple attackers.

Wise Force does not demand that participants wear uniforms or will any gradings be held. The informal atmosphere is so students can advance at their own pace in a relaxed and non confrontational environment.